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Are you looking for a team to complete your property refurbishment? West Sussex customers should look no further than NJS Developments. We’ve countless years of experience and have successfully completed numerous renovations in that time. To request a FREE, no-obligation quotation, call our team now on 01243 545 548.

The Best Refurbishment West Sussex Has to Offer

Refurbishments are a great way of adding functionality, optimising space, or modernising a dated property. You might have recently moved in and already have grand plans for the place. Or maybe you don’t like the current kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps the décor is showing its age. Why waste money and stress yourself out moving when the solution is so simple?

With a property refurbishment, you get the best of both worlds – the dream home you’ve always wanted without having to leave the area you’ve become accustomed to. But renovations are no easy task and can quickly turn costly and even dangerous.

That’s why you should turn to the experts at NJS Developments. We have countless years of experience carrying out renovations in West Sussex, so rest assured that we can deliver precisely what you’re looking for and for the right price.





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    The Number One Team for Developments

    The team at NJS Developments has been carrying out development work in Sussex for countless years. There is no other company that can compete with our accomplishments or match our track record for quality service and affordability. We’ve established a loyal client base because of our excellent service, with many of our customers recommending us to friends, family, and associates.

    All our employees have been trained to a high standard and are fully certified to carry out building works of any size. Whatever the scale of your development project, rest assured that we can handle it, from historical building refurbishments to demolition work. We have experienced plenty of success on various challenging projects, so you can count on us to exceed your expectations and leave you wholly satisfied.

    Why Come to Us for Your Refurbishments

    Here at NJS Developments, we’re committed to being the top company for property refurbishments in West Sussex. NJS Developments is part of the NJS Group, a group that covers an array of disciplines, from scaffolding to brickwork and safe decking.

    We boast a sizeable workforce, allowing us to take on projects of any size, from renovating a small home to restoring a large historic building or industrial site. Our team always goes the extra mile, exceeding expectations, keeping promises, meeting deadlines, and delivering quality service within budget.

    Plus, we adhere to all health and safety standards, maintaining safe working conditions for all. We provide a personalised service that’s tailored to each client, so regardless of your request, trust you’ve come to the right company.

    Our Services

    We are well placed to offer a wide range of services, largely owing to the number of companies that comprise the NJS Group. You can expect a range of services to be available from NJS Developments alone, making us worth a call if you require any of the following:

    You can learn more about these services below, including our bespoke development wing – Shopland Gray. We’re immensely proud of the work Shopland Gray put into every project, which is why we’ve chosen to showcase them below as a testament to our abilities.

    Refurbishment West Sussex

    Community Projects

    NJS Developments is committed to giving back to the community and building trust and friendships in the local, sports, and business communities. We’re proud sponsors of Chichester Rugby Club. We completed extension and refurbishment work on the clubhouse, transforming the facilities, which now include a full gymnasium, full hosting facilities, and new and improved player facilities.

    We also sponsor races at the Goodwood and Fontwell racecourses. We use their facilities to entertain clients, helping to support thriving local businesses. On a community level, we’ve also sponsored the United Services U21 football team and the Chichester Judo club, to name just a few examples.

    You can read more about the projects we’re involved with over on our ‘Community Projects’ page.


    Often, property refurbishments, West Sussex clients, require the removal of buildings and other structures. This could be because these buildings or structures are unsafe, old, or no longer required. Demolition work must be handled with care and precision by a trained team.

    We offer a range of domestic and commercial demolition services, including emergency work. One such example included working with Linden Homes, where we carried out extensive demolition works at the Graylingwell Hospital site in Chichester.

    All our demolition work is carried out in strict compliance with health and safety regulations and entails full risk assessments and the safe handling and removal of all materials.


    In our years of service, we’ve completed countless refurbishments throughout West Sussex. This includes working alongside the restoration team on the more historical sites, ensuring that the correct guidelines are followed.

    Our project managers closely coordinate with surveyors and architects, ensuring that plans are followed and that everyone understands clearly what needs to be done. We possess knowledge of the following:

    • Structural Design
    • Repair
    • Sewage
    • Rebuilding
    • Engineering
    • And More

    All are key components when it comes to renovations, and this knowledge is especially important when refurbishing historic properties. No other team can handle refurbishments of the sort of scale we do, and no other company can meet any budget as well as we do.


    Restorations are typically carried out on historical buildings or any building that has fallen into disrepair but isn’t at the point of condemnation. We specialise in listed or historically interesting buildings with a reputation for taking on and carrying out jobs where other companies fall short.

    We can take a previously unloved or unwanted building and breathe new life into it, giving it a new purpose and restoring its place in the community. We’ve taken responsibility for countless restorations, using materials, and working tirelessly to produce results that complement the history of the building.

    One such example is the King Edward VII Hospital in Midhurst. We’ve completely restored this building, creating luxury apartments and a community on these wonderful estate-like grounds.

    Shopland Gray

    We’ve talked a lot about our property refurbishments. When it comes to bespoke developments in West Sussex renovations, our trusted development wing Shopland Gray is miles ahead of our competitors. The principle aim of Shopland Gray is to identify and deliver quality property developments with long-term sustainability in mind.

    Through Shopland Gray, we raise standards for clients, creating magnificent bespoke properties. Shopland Gray ensures each project sits perfectly in the surrounding area, enhancing the environment and helping to build the local community. They accomplish this through meticulous thought and considerate design.

    The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for the individuals that reside in the community, whether they live in a house, flat or apartment built by Shopland Gray.

    What Else Do We Do?

    In addition to renovations, we can provide other services, too, as proud members of the NJS Group. These services include:

    We boast a sizeable workforce, which enables us to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to learn more about these services, you can find links to each site by clicking ‘What We Do’ on the menu in the top-left of the screen.

    And if you’d like to hear more about our renovations and property refurbishments, Shopland Gray West Sussex customers are advised to get in touch with NJS Developments today.

    Refurbishment West Sussex


    A picture is worth a thousand words, and our property refurbishments are ones you simply must see for yourself. That’s why we’ve cultivated some high-definition images of some of the projects we’ve worked on. Hopefully, these images should convince you that we’re the company to call for renovations in West Sussex.

    Contact Us

    So, whatever you require assistance with, we’re here to help, from property renovations to industrial building refurbishments. We’re the experts to call in West Sussex for top-quality results at affordable prices. To get in touch, pick up the phone and call 01243 545 548. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or email